April (Spring, Easter, and April Fool's) Update!


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Hi everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed our April Fool's joke. Yes, you read that correctly... APRIL FOOLS! It was hilarious to see all of your reactions to our Administrator, IceLightning, taking over ownership of MCSurvival and fundamentally changing the entire experience... to role-play?! Come on now, you didn't REALLY think I would do that... did you?

But I digress and want to wish you all a great April Fool's day and Easter Holiday this weekend! The staff team at MCSurvival has been hard at work implementing some new updates on the server that I would like to share with you all now!

1) Our Easter Update is LIVE! -- Log on to the server every day until May 1st to obtain a special Easter egg from the big egg build at spawn. You can also obtain Easter eggs by participating in events and contests all throughout the month of April! With these eggs, you can obtain prizes like: shulker boxes, elytras, bunny disguise morph, crate keys, and more! To redeem your eggs, please open up a ticket between May 1st and May 7th (once the Easter update is over)!

2) 50% OFF Flash Sale -- To celebrate April Fool's Day and the Easter Holiday, all items in our server store are 50% off until Easter Sunday! Please note, that in order to keep the server running, we HEAVILY rely on server donations made from store purchases. If you are able to contribute, that would be greatly appreciated, since it is getting very difficult to continue operating the server with zero store purchases from month to month. If we continue on the same trajectory, it is possible that MCSurvival could cease to exist by the summer. If you LOVE MCSurvival, please help and support us to stay open for months and years to come by purchasing something in our store at http://store.mcsurvival.net

3) Nether & End Reset -- We have officially reset the nether and end worlds! The server will stay offline until tonight, April 1st, at 8PM EST. At 8PM EST, we will turn back on the server. We are doing this type of delayed re-opening to ensure that players have an equal opportunity to join and gather rare loot from the Nether and End worlds!

4) Quest Adventure (Coming Soon) -- We are currently getting a HUGE custom quest NPC adventure developed at the server spawn on MCSurvival. The quest adventure will have over 100+ quests with monthly chapter updates that can unlock you new items, ranks, rewards, money, and prizes! In order to play this AWESOME quest adventure, we will charge a nominal fee that will help cover the costs of future updates. The story is going to be huge with a ton of different characters and hours of gameplay. More details with a HYPE trailer will come very soon about this adventure; it will have a medieval theme (kind of like the April Fool's joke server change that we played on all of you)! We anticipate this adventure to be released for beta by June 1st.

5) Build Contest Winners -- During the month of March, we had a mythical themed build contest! I am SO pleased of all of the entries that we received, and I cannot believe the amount of talent we have from the players on our server. Here are the winners!

1st place: EveWhiteWolf
2nd place: OmegaEclipse
3rd place: IceLightning99
^^^ If you were selected as a winner, please open up a ticket on MCSurvival to claim your prizes!

6) Easter Crate -- We have released our Easter Crate! You can now officially redeem your crate keys that you won from events or purchased from the store. This is another GREAT way to support MCSurvival! This is the BEST crate that we have released to date, so we really hope that you enjoy everything that this crate has to offer! You can obtain crate keys by purchasing one in our store at http://store.mcsurvival.net or by attending our Easter event!

7) Player Warps -- We have added player warps to our server that everyone has access to! In order to access the player warps menu and set your own warps for other players to teleport to, type /pw in-game. Please let a staff member know if you have any questions about this, as we would be more than happy to help you out!

That's all for now! We have A LOT of things planned on the horizon like the quest adventure, updating to the the massive caves update of Minecraft (1.17), and providing more updates and features for you all! If you have any suggestions on future updates that we should add to MCSurvival, please put them in the #suggestions channel on our Discord. I read each and every suggestion that you all make, so your feedback and suggestions are crucial!

Please also remember, that a small server like MCSurvival is only able to operate with the support from the community. We have a WONDERFUL community that supports all of our initiatives, but I would like to reiterate, we are heavily in need of donations to keep our server afloat. Please consider supporting this great server and community!

Again, have a great rest of your April Fool's day (try not to prank too many people, haha) and a fantastic Easter! Stay tuned for an official discord announcement regarding our Easter event on April 10th!

Kind regards,