Official MCSurvival Rules

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Official MCSurvival Rules:
Last updated: 2/9/2021

Despite every measure being implemented to ensure that all rules are included in this list, there is a possibility that some have been unintentionally omitted and thus allowances should be made should punishments be issued for rules which are not necessarily included here. Rules may change and be added at any time.

Staff reserve the right at any moment to issue a punishment for any misdoings, regardless of their outlawing or not in this list. If you feel as though you have been wrongly punished or you wish to appeal the punishment, please use the relevant features on the website to do so. Players are not entitled to verbal warnings on the servers; your playing is taken as acknowledgment of these rules. Staff may issue verbal warnings at their discretion but they should not be expected.

Talking back with disrespect towards staff in any way is strictly prohibited. If there is any evidence of such an act, the offender(s) will be banned on the spot. If you have any concerns with a staff member, PM Gruss directly on the website to complain.

If you are "joking" or are found lying when you do something against the rules, including threats (including mentioning hacks), etc, it is not a valid excuse. All measures are still taken. Punishments are issued on a cumulative basis in that any prior infractions on your account may contribute to the totality and severity of the punishments which are administered at each noted transgression. In some cases, you may be instantly banned disregarding your record on the server. The use of alt accounts to evade punishments, even without bad intentions is prohibited and will result in further punishment (alternate accounts will not be unbanned). It should be recognized from here-on in that toxic behavior in general will result in punishment.

If you do not like the chat conversations on any of the servers, you can disable your chat from within your game settings. If you do see something you don't personally like to see, you have the choice of turning your chat off altogether, or using the /ignore command to hide all chat messages from the specified user.

Upon being banned, your IP may also be banned. In some rare occasions, you may have someone else using the same connection, and they will also be banned. It is your responsibility, so we do not take it as an excuse, and the other person(s) using the same IP connection will not be unbanned.

Anything that occurs outside of our minecraft servers, discord server, or website are not our responsibility or concern, and we take no responsibility of any actions that you may make. Be wise and wary of your decisions.

The following rules generally apply to all servers, though the punishment severity degree may vary depending on the context. The application of the rules may also vary depending on the server.

Not knowing rules is NOT an excuse for breaking them.

Terms of Service:
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